Wisdom, Peace, And Spiritual Growth Are Waiting For You. 

So you know how learning about Judaism and accessing Jewish practices for inner peace can seem daunting, complicated, or just plain hard to find? 

This can leave you feeling either overwhelmed or shut out altogether, and this means you never access the treasure you know is waiting for you.

I help people access Jewish wisdom, experience ineffable moments of peace and clarity in meditation, and receive one-on-one support to get unstuck on their spiritual journeys.

This means you can finally find the wisdom, peace, and spiritual progress you have been looking for. 

Connect with me today to find out 3 ways your life can start to improve immediately.

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Jewish Learning

Gain access to an exclusive library of 100+ hours of video courses on a comprehensive range of Jewish topics. ALL are welcome to access this life-changing wisdom.

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Guided Meditation

Choose from a variety of single-session and multi-session recorded meditations you can access any time for healing, spiritual awakening, or personal growth.

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Personal Guidance

Meet one-on-one with an experienced spiritual teacher, trained meditation guide, and certified life coach.Guided Meditation Therapy is changing lives...Why not yours?

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Hello, Seeker.

Rabbi John Carrier's affirming and positive wisdom comes from his remarkable life's journey. He is a faithful and holy guide who truly lives what he teaches.

Rabbi Adam Greenwald – Tustin, California

Whether you are Jewish or not, Rabbi Carrier's teachings encourage you to live your life to your full potential. His methods have helped me immensely in my spiritual and personal life.

Kevin McIntyre – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hear My Story.

John Carrier has produced a wise, honest, compassionate, and genuinely useful book which unlocks the wisdom of one tradition for people who follow any tradition, many traditions or no tradition at all. He offers us both an ancient map, and a contemporary compass, not to mention warm companionship and wise encouragement, for discovering and living into our own promised lives. His approach is hopeful, but never naive. He knows that it takes a bit of effort to fulfill the promise of our lives, and offers the tools to do that work with meaning, purpose, and genuine joy.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, Author of You Don't Have to Be Wrong for Me to Be Right – New York, New York

Get Unstuck.

I came to John struggling with indecisiveness, lack of confidence, and overwhelm during a stagnant time in my life.  After several sessions, John helped me find the peace and clarity I needed to make choices that align with my life’s goals and keep me moving forward.

Confidential Client – Columbus, Ohio

Discover Resilience Within.

When I couldn’t find a solution to manage the stress, anxiety and depression, you gave me that bump of motivation, strength, clarity and courage when I needed it the most. I’m on cusp of a new career, a better love life, and a stronger connection with my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Confidential Client – Los Angeles, California

Wisdom, Peace, And Spiritual Growth Are Waiting For You.

Connect with me today to find out 3 ways your life can start to improve immediately.

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